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Install the app on your smartphone. You can perform multiple exercises based on scientifically proven techniques to work daily on things that bother you. Also, if you desire you can take one of our additional plans to access a network of expert psychologists on emotional well-being via personalized therapies.


In Mind + you´ll meet Marcus, he symbolizes your transformation and every time you overcome an obstacle he collects relaxation seeds, with them you will level up within the app.

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Exciting levels

You can navigate in different adventures where you can get benefits within the app, but your biggest gain will be your change

Validated by science

Everything we do is tested, when you do any of the daily exercises you will have better cognitive tools to deal better with problems and control your emotions.


What you will find in the app

Self-help Assistant

Tasks to learn to transform your thoughts and learn to deal with the challenges of your life


Psycological robot that works with your relationships with others and your personal insecurities

Psychologists on Demand

Certified professionals willing to give you personalized advice according to your needs.

Data of value

Find statistics and valuable information about your process, advances and challenges achieved